The small haulage contractor with the major resourcses, with Europe as a working field.

​Welcome to Palms Åkeri

About us

Palms Åkeri

The company was founded in 1959 by Kaj-Erik & Ann-Britt Palm. The first years of operation they where connected to LBC in Trelleborg but when the shipement types changed they became a self-standing haulage contractor.


Transport in Europe

We manage paragraph goods, refrigerated goods, heating goods, dangerous goods and much more..

​Refrigerated transport

There is a lot of important factors whit refrigarated transports, easy operated truck, skilled drivers and quick and easy lading. 

​​Heating Goods

Heating good should under no circumstances be exposed to cold. On a daily basis we transport different items like medicin and eatables in Sweden and Europe.

Paragraph goods

Paragraph goods could be as small as a one box to bigger shipments. Palms Åkeri makes sure that your paragraph goods gets delivered in a safe and sound way.

​Dangerous goods

Palms Åkeri are certified to transport dangerous goods to make sure we give you as a customer the best posible experience.